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Creating Theatre and Supporting Community Performing Arts

Graffiti Theatre Company Society is a charitable organization devoted to the performing arts community on Salt Spring Island through the creation of original and classical presentations, the sharing of community theatre resources and supporting the efforts and initiatives of other community organizations.


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In Bard Owl Stadium, two teams battle it out for the title 


Where high brow and low brow meet in the middle. 

Team Blue - Bard Boyz (Bard Boyz) meet Team Red - Bloody Business in a hilarious 8 Round competition of Shakespearean (well sort of) skills.

Bring your blankets or lawn chairs and picnic dinner and get ready for an evening of hilarity, hijinx, intensity, innovation, high flying skulls, paraphrasing prowess and prose.​​

The show is being held at Bard Owl Stadium, about 5 minutes from town. (the location details are given upon ticket purchase)




An original work by local writer and activist Wendy Judith Cutler

With the support of the Salt Spring Foundation and the Province of British Columbia, Graffiti Theatre is proud to collaborate in the presentation of this unique and important work presented by veteran community artists. 

From the Playwright:

 Wendy Judith Cutler

I have written my first play, An UnDutiful Daughter. Transforming my memoir into a play has been one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life. Largely drawn from journals I recorded thirty and forty years ago in the 1970s and 1980s, the play portrays conflicts and estrangements within an upper-middle class Jewish family, as a daughter comes into political, feminist and lesbian feminist consciousness. Family dynamics are wrought with pain, longing, rejection and betrayal. The initial inspiration was taking a play development weekend workshop at ArtSpring: “Writing Dynamic Scenes for the Stage” in August of 2018. I created a scene in which I interrogated my deceased brother about our fraught relationship. Gradually, this one-scene turned into five scenes with a prologue. We’ve had five Staged Readings (before and during covid): SaltFest: A Mini Festival of the Performing Arts behind Mahon Hall in 2019; DAISSI’s Pride Opening Night at Artspring in 2019;  “Scene and Heard: An Evening of Short Scenes from Plays-in-Progress in Victoria in 2020; and then a reading outside in an actor’s backyard, with social distancing in 2020; and the latest at Beaver Point Hall in August 2021, with a masked, vaccinated and limited-in-size audience. In collaboration with Sue Newman, the director, we have created a stellar ensemble of six actors: Barbara Slater, Kevin Wilkie, Lisa Dahling, Rowan Algoet, Vera Algoet and Wendy Beatty, all friends and fellow actors on the island. With a wonderfully collaborative process, we bring decades of activism and ally-ship and  represent various communities engaged in social justice, progressive, feminist, queer, environmental and other concerns.  We are currently in rehearsal (both in person and via zoom). Our performance dates are July 1, 2 and 3, 2022 at Beaver Point Hall.

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Heading 1

Heading 1

exitStageLeft and Graffiti Theatre present Shakespeare's Macbeth.

Relentless ambition. A knife behind a welcoming smile. Weird sisters with tantalizing prophecies. A walking forest. A seductive wife goading her husband in his drive to power.


The Farmer’s Institute will be transformed into an otherwordly space, with the audience immersed in the action. Shakespeare’s shortest play is a timely warning of the fate awaiting tyrants willing to sacrifice anyone to be supreme.


When the veil is the most thin come and experience Shakespeare’s first slasher play as never heard before. Norse and Celtic chants underscore the action. The sound of ravens, the harbinger of dark things to come, echos in the ether and the haunting lament of bodiless spirits makes your hair stand on end. From Hallowe’en weekend to Guy Fawkes day, “Double Double Toil and Trouble, Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble"….come if you dare.

The activities of Graffiti Theatre are made possible by community donors and sponsors as well as the Salt Spring Island Foundation, The Berman Foundation and The Province of British Columbia.

“Throw your dreams into space like a kite, and you do not know what it will bring back"  - Anais Nin


Box 557 V8K 2W2

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